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Texas Holdem Poker Hole Cards Not to Play

In Texas Holdem Poker the first decision you will make is whether or not you will continue playing your hole cards to see the flop. This decision is based on the value of your two hole cards alone. Here we will discuss the cards you don't want, these are the cards you want to fold when you see them. Here are the five worst Texas Holdem Poker hole cards:

2-7 offsuit, 2-8 offsuit, 3-8 offsuit, 2-9 offsuit, 2-6 offsuit

This is the five worst hole cards that everyone agrees are the five worst in Texas Holdem Poker. Their no worst of the worst. Let's discuss why there so bad before we add more bad Texas Holdem Poker hole cards. All these cards are bad for three reasons. 1) Both cards of each set are low cards, no tens or face cards here for sure. 2) Each set of hole cards are offsuit. (Meaning they are different, one card is a club the other is a heart for example). And lastly, 3) It is impossible to make a five cards straight which uses both of the hole cards. For example 2-7 can not make a five cards straight in which both the two and the seven are included.

So let's review why the five sets of hole cards are so bad from a Texas Holdem Poker hand ranking point of view. First of all you have no pairs, not even small ones. You also don't even have any high cards (10 or better). A visit means it's impossible for you to flop a high card pair. Also since no two to hole cards are suited you can only use one hole card for a flush, and you will probably be the lowest card to the flush with the board (remember you only have low hole cards). And lastly your chances of getting a straight are much lower with these five hole cards because you can only use one hole card to make the straight. This means you can not flop a straight and will have to pay to see the turn or the river. And if you do make a straight it will be a low straight.

Now knowing these five cards are the absolute worst hands, let's add some more bad hands. One way to increase the top five hands not to play into the top 10 cards not to play is to add suited to the previous five worst.

2-7 s, 2-8 s, 3-8 s, 2-9 s, 2-6 s

The only thing that has changed is that you have a better chance to get a flush if you get three more suited cards on the flop turn or river. When you think about the fact that the chance of getting three suited cards on the flop is less than 2 percent, these five holdem cards really don't look so good anymore. You will for the most part be chasing them all the way down the river. And unless you hit your flush you won't have anything.

Let's look at a couple of other bad hole cards. 5-2 offsuit is not a good hole cards for example. Sure you can flop a straight but it would be a low straight. 7-3 offsuit is an other bad Texas Holdem Poker hole cards except you can get a straight, but like all the other combinations mentioned above are trying to fill the center of the straight instead of getting to cards are connectors (7-6 are connectors) which can make a straight on either end. The point here is that they're more than just five or 10 bad hole cards to avoid. There are others that you'll have to put some thought into and decided if you wish to play marginal hole cards. There are 169 different combinations of hole cards possible. When you consider that you should fold over half time during some point in a hand, you know you will be folding more than just the top five worst hole cards that everyone agrees on. The beginner should very much refrain from playing anything but the Top 10 best Texas Holdem Poker hole cards.

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