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Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

Texas Holdem Poker is a fast-moving game with many levels of intricacies. The best way to learn Texas Holdem Poker strategies is to begin to learn general strategic concepts. Here we list concepts that will quickly get you playing like a knowledgeable Texas Holdem Poker player.

The first concept is to select your Texas Holdem Poker table. It can help you a lot to observe the Texas Holdem Poker game play before you sit down. Try to find tables where there are players that are not necessarily extremely experienced.

The next concept is hand selection. You should have a strategy for which cards you play and what cards you fold. A good strategy is to memorize the top 10 cards to play list and play only those cards until you get better and then can even increase your hole card playing beyond the top 10 Texas Holdem Poker hole card.

Always consider how many players are sitting at your table. In Texas Holdem Poker the more players, the greater the chance that at least one player will have a VERY strong hand. Because of the likelihood of one of your competitors having a strong hand you should only play top cards when playing a full table.

Things to think about before the flop. If you have a very good hole cards, make the other players pay into the pot to keep playing against you. This will increase your potential winning pot, plus get rid of your competitor's garbage hands by folding, (which might turned into good hands after the flop). Remember to play low pair hole cards cautiously. Low pair hole cards should only be played from the late position with low betting only to the flop. Fold if there is no significant improvements (trips, quads).

Things to think about after the flop. By the time of the flop in Texas Holdem Poker you have seen five of the seven possible cards available to you to construct your poker hand. You should have a strong hand already, or in a drawing hand. Drawing hands are often checked in the hope of see a "free" next community card. Also consider the size of the pot when paying to see the next community card. Often you need a lot of players to get a pot size large enough to justify paying into the pot on a drawing hand. (Remember if you don't hit your drawing hand you will most certainly lose). Also play aggressively when you have a double draw straight (two differently ranked cards can complete your straight), flush, or trips. Be careful of sequenced flops. A flop of 8, 7,6 can turned your opponent's hand into a straight, which will beat your high pair. Also be careful of the suited flop, which can give your opponent a flush. Consider the reasons to continue after the flop; You have a strong hand by its self already, You have a strong pair, You have a draw to a straight or a flush, or You have high single cards like A K. No rigid rules by this point though, because you have to consider pot size and opponents also.

To be a Texas Holdem Poker Master you must be a Master at Folding. A good rule of thumb on Texas Holdem Poker Folding is that you need to fold more hands than you play. One of the most important Texan holdem poker strategies is to not always pay to see the flop. You will need to know when your hole cards are bad and not pay into the pot just hoping for a lucky flop. While you can fold at any time in Texas Holdem Poker there are at least three very important folding opportunities to consider in every hand; level 1) folding if you have bad hole cards. Level 2) folding after the flop. If you don't have a pair to the high card, have three of the kind, or are at least two cards from his straight or flush consider folding after the flop. Level 3) the third level folding is whenever the betting actions of another player convinces you they may have a hand that will beat you.

Another consideration in basic Texas Holdem Poker strategies is betting position. Texas Holdem Poker betting positions are described as early, middle, and the late. The simple thing to remember about poker betting positions is that the later you are in the turn around the table the better. It is very desirable to be the last person to have to make a betting decision. Because of the extra advantage of being in the late position, you should play not only top 10 types of hole cards, but even give the next lower values of holdem cards and chance. On the other hand when your betting early you should definitely play only the Top 10 Texas Holdem Poker hole cards.

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