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Texas Holdem Poker Beginners Guide

So many people hear about Texas Holdem Poker from their friends and on TV and they want to learn about Texas Holdem Poker. It's best to start out with learning the very basic concepts if you're a true beginner to Texas Holdem Poker. After reading the concepts below then continue to the how to play Texas home pokerHoldem Poker section.

Texas Holdem Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck. There are no jokers or wildcards used in Texas Holdem Poker. Texas Holdem Poker can be played with 2-11 players sitting at one table.

Texas Holdem Poker is a community card game. When most people think about poker they imagine players holding all their cards in their hand. Texas Holdem Poker is different. Each player gets two cards that only that player knows what they are. But a poker hand needs five cards, and in Texas Holdem Poker the rest of the cards come from the center of the table where cards are placed faced up. The community cards can be used by anyone. Take a look at the diagram below. "You" have two cards Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs. Nobody else knows the value of these cards but "You." Your three friends also have two cards each, and likewise only they know the value of these cards. In the center of the table are cards dealt faced up. These cards can be seen by everyone, and used by everyone, that is why they are called community cards. There is a very important thing to remember about your two personal cards. You don't have to use both cards to construct your poker hand. You might use only one card or in some very extreme cases, not use any of your personal cards to construct your Texas Holdem poker hand. For example.

The next basic concept for the very beginning Texas Holdem Poker player is to understand is that you don't get to see all of the community cards in one instance. You will first see your two personal cards. Then after a round of betting you will see the first three community cards. After another round of betting you will see the fourth community card. Then after another round of betting you will see the fifth and final community card.

The next thing for the beginning Texas Holdem poker player to understand is what your options are during the betting round. The first option is to fold. Folding is to say you don't like your chance of winning and you don't want to put any more money in the pot. Because you don't want to put any more money in the pot, you are no longer eligible to win the pot. The next option during the betting round is to bet. To bet is to say that you like your chances of winning in you're willing to put more money into the pot. The next option is to call. To call is to add just enough money into the pot to keep you playing in the hand. The last option during the betting round is to raise. To raise is to add not only enough money to the pot to cover the betting of another player, but to also increased the pot even more, forcing the other players to add more money to the pot or fold.

And the last concept to be mentioned before you go on to how to play Texas Holdem Poker is that Texas Holdem Poker uses standard poker hand ranking. Hand Ranking is the method or rules used to figure out whose poker hand is the winning hand. It helps for you as a person new to Texas Holdem Poker to know that the card relationships that you've probably learned in the past, is still valid with Texas Holdem poker. No new hand ranking rules are needed when learning Texas Holdem Poker, just go to the hand ranking section and review what you probably already have developed some knowledge of already. For example three of the kind beats two of a kind, this is something that you have probably learned years ago.

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