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Texas Holdem Poker Terms

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Ace High -Used to describe a poker hand that uses the ace card as its highest value
Aces Full -A full house containing three aces and another pair. It is the highest ranking full house
Aces Up -A hand that has two pair, one of which is a pair of Aces
Action - Describes any type of Betting activity
Active Player - Any player that is still in the pot
Add On - To select to buy more chips at the end of the re-buy period in a tournament
Advertise - Having a bluff called so to be able to encourage your opponents to call at a later time
Aggressive Action - To bet or raise in such a manner as to possibly win the pot without a showdown
All In - To place all of your playable chips in the pot during the play of a hand
All Pink - A flush containing all hearts and diamonds
American Airlines - Describes a pair of aces
Announced - A bet that is spoken by the player (Announced) before the chips are placed in the pot
Ante - A small beginning bet placed by each player to start a poker pot. Texan Holdem uses "Blinds" instead of an ante
Baby - Small value cards 2,3,4,5 that are needed to complete a hand, not counting aces
Back Raise -To re-raise an opponent's raise
Backdoor - You Backdoor a hand when you get the needed cards to complete it on both the turn and river card
Backer -A non-player that is financially backing a player
Bad Beat - When a large underdog hand beats a heavily favored hand
Bank Roll -Total value of the players currently available gambling funds
Belly Buster -An inside straight draw, also called a gutshot
Bet - Any placement of chips into the pot in accordance to the rules
Bet the Pot - Whenever a player bets the same amount that currently in the pot
Bicycle -A straight that consists of Ace-2-3-4-5 also called a wheel
Big Pair -A pair with a value of 10 or greater
Big Slick -A hole cards of a King and an Ace no matter the suit. A great start in Texas Holdem Poker
Big Blind - The largest of the two blind bets in Texas Holdem Poker
Blank - A card that adds no value to a hand
Blind - A mandatory bet that is placed before any cards are seen. In Texas Holdem Poker there are two blinds big and small
Bluff -When a player bets or raises in an attempt to make better hands fold
Board or Boardcards - Cards that the dealt face up for all players to see
Bobtail Straight -An open-ended 4-card straight flush
Bottom Pair - Making a pair with one of your hole cards and the lowest card on the flop
Boxed Card - A card that is in the Deck and facing up while all the other cards are facing down
Broadway -A hand consisting of an Ace high straight
Broken Game - A game no longer in action
Broomcorn's Uncle - A player that repetitively antes and fold until they have no more bankroll
Bump -Another name for a raise
Burn - This describes the act of taking the top card of the deck out of play (burn it) before placing community cards on the table
Busted Hand -A hand that is now worthless because it failed achieve it potential after the final draw
Button or Dealer Button -A white disk that rotates around the table to signify which player is in the dealer position
Buy In -This is the amount of the chips that the player bought at the beginning of the game

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