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Texas Holdem Poker Home Tournament

Thinking about holding a Texas Holdem Poker Home Tournament? Its a lot of fun to host a Texas Holdem Poker Home Tournament if you got friends that are also into Holdem. Below are somethings to consider when hosting your own Home Tournament.

Tips 1 If you use cheap common poker chips you will have to worry about players bringing their own chips to the tournament.

Tips 2 You should own at least 500 poker chips to host a 10 player poker tournament.

Tips 3 You want each player to start a tournament with enough of a stack in front of them so they feel good about their play.

Tips 4 A large amount of starting chips that included small denominations, helps prevent players from having to make change from each other.

Tips 5 As the Tournament continues and betting becomes larger you can color-up the chips by removing the low denomination chips.

Tips 6 Each table will need at least one deck of cards, if your using a brand new deck give your players the pleasure of unsealing the deck.

Tips 7 Plastic playing cards are much more durable than plastic coated paper cards.

Tips 8 You will need some sort of Tournament timer, like a cooking timer.

Tips 9 Make sure you have plenty of low denomination bills or coins to make buyin change.

Tips 10 You can count out poker chips and put them in bags a head of time if that seems to help save time for you during the buyin.

Tips 11 It always looks professional if you use a real plastic disk dealer button instead of a nick nak or ashtray.

Tips 12 Don't forget food, pretzels, chips, peanuts, and plenty of ice.

Tips 13 Put out ashtrays and coasters to protect your nice table felt.

Tips 14 Decide whether you want music in the background or maybe a TV playing a sports game. TV can entertain those who got knocked out early.

Tips 15 Before the Tournament tell all the players rebuy and payout structures any betting limit schedule, and YOUR house rules.

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