Online casinos: new and still valid rules

There are many varieties of online games. The legislation surrounding them should be scrutinized carefully by the authorities in force. This article is dedicated to anyone wishing to play online games. And the rules that will be discussed here, focus on the new conditions of use or those still valid as players and not the rules of the game.

Beforehand, a briefing on the legislation

“Coercive” characterizes Cnews of the French legislations around online games. Deductive capacity is the only principle that the French allow to be applied in the field of online games. For them, horse racing, sports betting, backgammon and poker are games outside of pure chance and therefore exist on the virtual territory of the French.

To benefit from a wide range of online games, one can then access foreign sites such as Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. And when you play on these sites, you will be subject to the laws of these countries. The rules below are only indicative, as each country imposes its own rules.

Rule 1: Minimum age of players

An 18-year-old is also considered to be in a good position to manage his or her own finances, to spend as he or she pleases and to be able to identify the various scams and malicious proposals that will be presented to him or her. This is the sometimes universal age (except for a driver’s license perhaps) to be of age and financially independent. Thus, online sites that offer games are open to them.

The general conditions of registration of online games then require identification to prove your age. Thus as far as you win, you will receive a prize. Otherwise, being a minor, no winnings will be paid to you and your claim will not be taken into account.

Rule 2: Submitting real identity documents

Certainly, virtual presence facilitates the falsification of identity. Anyone playing with another person’s identity, despite the fact that you and your “major” are in full consent, is operating illegally. Note that players who use the accounts of their parents, friends or subcontracting the accounts of another person are then in full breach of the law. And the most dazzling is to pretend to be a non-resident of your own country to be exempt from the terms of use.

Last name, first name, age, identity number and addresses are then to be communicated as they are to the online casinos. Restrictions that deserve to be respected at the risk of being blocked and sometimes appearing in court.

Rule 3: Only one player for one account

The online gaming system is accessible via an online profile. It is tempting to create many online profiles, but please note that your IP address will be the same. A practice that can sometimes be detected, even with the use of malicious software. The computer system of online casinos will then be able to close all accounts with a blocking system for a new registration.

Rule 4: Player-specific means of payment

The principle of the online terms of use refers to the integrity in the communication of everything related to its registration profiles, game profile and payment terms. You are then encouraged to use your own means of payment where your winnings and bets transactions will take place. Rather than relocating or using another person’s bank account or virtual card, choose to use the currencies or international payment systems that are available today.

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