Poker: know the basic rules

The interesting thing about poker games, whether online or in real life, is that the rules are the same for all poker variants. If Texas hold’em is the most famous, there are other variants like Stud, Omaha, etc. Knowing the basic rules makes it easier to play any type of poker. All you have to do is get familiar with the variant.

General information about poker

Poker is a game of cards. There are two types of games, namely the 32-card game and the 52-card game. In both cases, you have to be at least 2 to start a game. The number of players is limited to a maximum of 8 people. In addition to the cards, there are also the chips that are used for betting.

The main goal of the poker game is to get the highest combination with the 5 cards that make up a hand. There are eight possible combinations in poker. The strongest is to have 5 successive cards of the highest value and all of them have the same suit. This is called the royal quint fluch.

Along with the other combinations, this is where the famous bluff comes into play. This can be to make the opponent fold or to make him bet even more. That’s why, besides being a game of chance, poker requires a cool head and a notion in psychology. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to detect the opponent’s reactions in order to follow his game. This is rather valid for real opponents.

Organizing a game

A game begins with the installation on the table. Unless you are professional players with regulars, each placement is by choice and random. However, it is important to remember that a game is always played clockwise. This entry to the table is conditioned by the minimum cellar amount.

The cellar is the set of chips that serve as money. This is because the game is not played with real money, but with chips. The minimum cellar therefore defines the size and stakes of a game. It is up to the player to choose whether or not to call. Sometimes a maximum bid amount is also defined.

In any case, the cellar or all the chips must be clearly visible on the table. This cellar is also called the stack when it is a bet. In addition, when a player is exposed, it is said that he is uncovered and he can request new chips while waiting to start a new game.

The Cards

It is up to the person with the dealer button to deal the cards. It can be one person during the whole game, but generally speaking, it is done per turn in a clockwise direction. It can also be a dealer in the case of a casino game.

To do this, the cards are always dealt face down. The first card of the deck is to be burnt. That said, the card waits to the side if there is a dealer’s mistake. If a card is turned over by a player, he keeps it.

However, if the card is accidentally turned over by the dealer, it is put back in the deck and replaced by a new one. When this happens twice, it is called a misdeal. It is a matter of taking all the cards back and starting the deal from the beginning. This is a general rule, but not universal. It is indeed the simplest and most widely used.

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